Our Services

Qualspec is a globally accredited specialist in quality control in the textile industry.
Qualspec provides tailored quality assurance services to help your business successfully manage the complexities of a rapidly evolving global marketplace.
Assisting you to achieve consistent levels of apparel quality questioned by the knowledgeable and sophisticated customer of today and tomorrow.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Qualspec specializes in quality solutions for textile and garment, covering the raw materials, including fabric, leather, trims and accessories to the production of finished garments. We provide support to different categories including ready-to-wear, luxury clothing, children’s clothing, outdoor clothing, sportswear, underwear, work wear and home textile.

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Qualspec, Part of SgT Group

Qualspec has been part of the SgT Group since 2019 to expand our range of operations and bring more added value to our customers.

Textile, apparel and footwear are part of our DNA

  • Specialists going beyond the pass and fail approach
  • Proposing corrective actions for continuous amelioration
  • Key objective: to help brands invest better and less in quality management

Qualspec benefits from a full access to the WORMS SAFETY alliance network of companies with: