Quality control inspections by skilled and highly trained inspectors is a crucial part of ensuring your products reach the specifications of your benchmark and your customer expectations.

Qualspec’s quality inspection services help you achieve stronger quality control in your manufacturing, resulting in reducing customer returns and ensuring customer satisfaction with your product.

Our experienced team of inspectors have a wealth of experience in manufacturing and production procedures, with extensive specialist training in fabric inspection in the garment industry. Our inspectors’ expertise in garment inspection enable them to quickly and accurately identify defects in the workmanship and measurement of a product to our customers’ requirements.

Textile, Garment, Footwear Inspection

Qualspec offers a range of services, including textile and fabric inspections: raw materials, pre-production, sales man sample, top of production, inline, production follow-up, final inspections.

With both the inline and final inspection, we ensure that any possible defects are identified and communicated to you before mass production or leaving the manufacturer. These can vary from critical, major and minor defects.
Through a thorough assessment of the measurements and workmanship of your product, as well as accuracy of care labelling, we ensure that your manufacturers fully comply with global regulations and standards, as well as the expectations of your target customer.

If customer returns indicate an issue with a product, we can arrange an instore inspection in your stores or warehouse or other facilities to swiftly identify and resolve the problem.
At all stages of our manufacturing and quality inspection process, we collaborate with you to ensure your products meet Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL) and your garments are ready for sale.

Qualspec provides quality inspection services to many global companies with manufacturing facilities around the world:

Asia, Euromed, Africa, Indian Ocean, Americas